Tushar Bhatt
Education is a process of continuous experimentation. it requires lot of efforts to mould the child’s cognitive ablities and transform the same to its affective as well as psychomotor domains.

At JJIS, efforts to transform theory to practice is made. The campus has an environment to lead students thoughts and action in a desirable manner. Efforts are made by the team to develop scientific thinking and logical abilities.

The campus provide concept oriented teaching and concrete practical base for levels of learning focused attempts are made at higher sections for competitive exam oriented attitude and concepts.


Mr. Tushar Bhatt.
(M.Sc., B.Ed)

Ekta Patel
The culture of education has bestowed the human civilization with knowledge, renaissance and culture with respect to time innovations and evolutions, have been a prominent truth for us. Jay Jalaram Group of Schools since the inception had always believed that pursuing education is a self renaissance considering the school as temple of knowledge. From small seed to the boulevard of groups, we today have produced several jewels that possessed the culture that we inculcated in passing decade.

Our Motto to spread knowledge and self esteem have enabled several burning brains to walk along their dreams, rais our name, their parents name and above all be a better citizens of our country.

We believed in the potential of every life and work hard to utilize their optimum capabilities with means of austere schedule and assiduous approach in reaching their goal. with the blessing of the almighty we are humble to educate pupil and create better society.

Mrs. Ekta Patel
(M.sc., B ed, PGDHRD)