Managing-directorEducation is a process of learning and experimentation at individual as well as at a collaborative level. It is a process of developing learners’ abilities to receive and process information. As it is rightly said, ‘A school provides an environment to learn but more importantly must aim at developing the skills of learning’.

In this context,the purpose of educators and teachers is to cherish the true spirit of mentoring students to the varied domains of learning and engage themselves at the higher order levels of reflective learning. The aim at our schools is to provide innovative and progressive education that makes the ceilings of children their floors!

At JJIS, a blend of innovative teaching learning approaches and state of art learning environment aids to the overall development of the child. A constructive attitude and participatory approach to education is the key to child’s holistic progress.

A blend of teachers’ continuous learning networks, professional development programs and experimentation with advanced pedagogy makes the young minds in our campus blossom to the fullest.

Experience a unique learning environment at JJIS.

Warm Regards,
Mrs. Dimple Patel

Managing Director
Jay Jalaram Group of Schools